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Phenix research group

Frugal computing and emancipatory security, helping ICT go through the ecological transition

Our research

In the context of the ecological transition, we cannot continue to make the hypothesis of a perpetual growth and we have to develop our awareness about limited ressources. Two main approaches exists : the sustainable development and the frugality. The scope of Phenix is in this second case.

The Phenix research group will focus in two axes

that we will study throught two approaches:

We called “numerism” the contextual study of digital technologies to better understand their use and societal impact. In this context, we will propose some “good” properties of technologies and their use.

Frugal computing

Some motivations

How to reduce the resource requirements of digital technology, while retaining the most useful services ?

“Numerist” approach:

Technical approach:

Emancipatory security

Some motivations

How to ensure that the Internet remains at the service of all, and that it is secured according to the needs of its users ?

“Numerist” approach:

Technical approach:

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